“Theory U, the magic of profound innovation to compete in the future”

Libro theory U Eng

“From MIT in Boston, a powerful method to reinforce creativity, charisma and the ability for innovation in people, teams and organizations. With the testimony of successful leaders, creative people, artists and Italian businesses . . . to learn from excellence.

An insightful, clear and original book that explains Theory U, the innovative method devised by C. Otto Scharmer, through real cases and success stories: Arturo Brachetti, Walter Rolfo, Stefano Grandi, Gaya Gelato, Masters of Magic and Dance and Love.
This is a fascinating journey to glimpse new possibilities, bring them out and implement them, empowering leadership and finding the place where “magic emerges”. And opening your mind, heart and will.

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In case of difficulty, you can write directly to the author: r.panetti@libero.it”